30 Jan

Trading Up-date
The writing of Tony’s fifth book ‘The Lady Who Turned’ is on schedule. He has delivered 62,000 words to his editor and is on target to meet the deadline of end February 2014. Publication date is 16 July 2014.
Sarah Williams (see announcement 9 January 2014) is visiting Tony this coming Sunday for a full day’s editorial briefing. The Bedfordshire police officer advising on the character DCI Sarah Rudd has met with Tony for the last five Saturdays.

Book Sales
The company has received two approaches from associates who want to tie up on the publishing side. Discussions are continuing.

Film: ‘Megan’s Game’
There has been a significant development: further details will be published next week.

Film: ‘A Flash of Lightning’
The script writer Rob Green is ahead of schedule. A full update will be given shortly.

Please contact Cathy, Executive Assistant, on cathy@cityfiction.co.uk for further information.

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