Tony finishes his next novel: ‘I Will Find You’.

10 Jan

Editing work has started on the eighth book in the ‘Sarah Rudd’ series.

Our brave, award winning, ex-DCI is now working for Delamount Security with her lover ex-DCI ‘Mad Max’ Hemmings. She is about to take on a life threatening search in the Middle East for an orphan child. This is the synopsis.

‘I Will Find You’

This is the story of three very determined women.

One, an ex-Detective Chief Inspector in the Metropolitan police, flies to Bab al-Salameh on the Syrian/Turkey border to rescue an orphan refugee she has never met, does not know and cannot find. Her toils are exacerbated by the nearing of a Continuity IRA assassin who has been paid a million euros to kill her.

The second is the wife of a London Banker who has perpetrated one of the most heinous frauds ever witnessed in London financial history. Her journey takes her from being the compliant mother of two into a battle with the global Elites. But she has a piece of paper which they desperately need and she will stop at nothing to right the wrongs she has uncovered.

The third is a member of the inner Cabinet of the President of the United States of America. They share a history and she becomes involved in a desperate Democrat plot to discredit the President after he succumbs to an attempt to sexually seduce him. Her dilemma is whether to cherish or despise him.

The women face perilous global challenges alone: that is until their heroic endeavours bring them together in London. Each is driven by their love of a man albeit in varying circumstances. But it is that special devotion which propels all three of them to the edge of personal disaster – and beyond.

The novel will be published in May 2018.

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