‘The Killer Who Missed’

04 Jan

Tony is today posting out over one hundred copies of this short story which comes from the DCI Sarah Rudd series as described below.

The Sarah Rudd City Thriller Series

Detective Chief Inspector Sarah Rudd is one of the bravest police officers ever to patrol the streets of the Home Counties. Her later career is told in the books ‘Megan’s Game’ and ‘The Deal’. In ‘Cholesterol’ she is involved in a shooting in The Mall and saves the lives of the Royal Couple for which she is awarded the Queen’s Police Medal for Gallantry. In ‘A Flash of Lightning’ she prevents the bombing of four hundred travellers in a London bound commuter train from a Jihadist attack. In ‘The Lady Who Turned’, published in 2014, DCI Sarah Rudd not only rescues her daughter Susie from a deranged kidnapper, but becomes a private investigator and fights off an East European gangster’s attempt to take control of ‘The Lady’ magazine.

Sarah Rudd’s early career is told in two books:

‘On Scene and Dealing’ (2015), which is a message of arrival made by a police officer to Control when reaching an incident, is Part One of two telling her story from 1997, when she joins the Hertfordshire Constabulary as a probationary constable, to May 2003, when she is now a detective.

‘Journey to the Crown’ (to be published in 2016), a reference to the metal or embroidered insignia on a superintendent’s epaulette, is Part Two of her early career. It comprises ten stories charting Sarah Rudd’s progress, initially from 2003 to 2005 when she passes her sergeant’s examinations. In 2007 she becomes a detective sergeant and dedicates herself to gaining promotion to inspector and beyond in order to achieve the coveted crown.

‘The Killer Who Missed’ is an extract from ‘Journey to the Crown’ and is the third of the stories telling more about the early career of Sarah Rudd.

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