Super review of ‘Lunch With Harry’

07 Apr

A lovely review from one of Tony’s regular readers.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the piece and it was one of the rare occurrences where I really couldn’t put it down until it was read! It felt like a very warm and relaxing summer stroll, with Marius’ illness providing just the right amount of grey lining.

I particularly enjoyed the addition of the toy army as a ray of positivity for Marius as well as the five principles Ella and Fred so eagerly abide to. They worked as a sort of mixture of childish cautiousness and adult wisdom.

I am looking forward to more work from you and love the Nostalgia pieces! What a unique way of incorporating what the audience already loves with a new twist, allows them to revisit a world they know and love but prevents them from getting bored with either new or old.”

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