Production Update – ‘Megan’s Game’

06 Feb

6 February 2014

International Emmy Award winning screenwriter Stephen Davis joins team on board ‘Megan’s Game’

In December 2013 playwright, novelist and award-winning screenwriter Stephen Davis, who has more than thirty sole credits on productions both in the UK and USA, agreed to join the ‘Megan’s Game’ production team. Stephen has won an International Emmy Award for his work on BBC’s hit primetime detective series ’Waking the Dead’.

He has worked on developing characters and storyline to ramp up the suspense in the tale inspired by the novel ‘Megan’s Game’, a romantic thriller by Tony Drury. Stephen says; “This is a story about compulsion and danger, surfacing hidden risks for characters who gamble everything for love. I believe it will make a compelling movie.”

The film will be made on a budget of around £3.5 million of which Megan’s Game Production Limited is seeking to raise £2 million through an Enterprise Investment Scheme share offer: this will allow pre-production to begin.

According to Producer Paul Tucker “We expect to start pre- production in May 2014 with principal photography in Wales and London in August/September. Stephen adds real gravitas to the offering. We are lucky to have him on board.”

Director Suri Krishnamma, who has directed Stephen’s work in previous productions, says; ‘”The script is releasing the full vitality of this marvellous story. A compelling opening, visually stunning landscapes and Hitchcockian twists and turns. This is going to be a great film!”

Editor’s Notes

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• For more information on the Enterprise Investment Scheme share offer please contact Tony Drury on 07973 737284 or email
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