Novella wins worldwide review

17 Apr

The following review of ‘Lunch With Harry’ has been posted by Jennifer in California on the website of the 35,000 member Girly’s Book Club.

I just finished my most recent book, Lunch with Harry, and I highly recommended you pick up this short story. The entire book was only 65 pages, but I was left so impressed how much content was in such a short story. The story follows the main character Ella, a beautiful, sophisticated doctor, who idolizes Audrey Hepburn. She wants to be just like her, and have a love story just like Audrey’s character Holly had in her movie Breakfast and Tiffany’s.
Ella stumbles into Harry, who is sweet, compassionate, and of course quickly adores Ella. Harry is struggling with his life choices, and the sudden death of his wife, while Ella is dealing with her busy schedule at the hospital, and working too many hours to help send money home to her parents to pay her dying brothers medical bills. Despite all of the obstacles Harry is able to win Ella over, and after a few bumps in the road, a beautiful relationship and lovely story come together perfectly.
I was left wanting more, and I cannot wait for the next story to come out. You can pick up your copy of ” Lunch with Harry” on

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