Fantastic 5 * Review of both ‘Lunch With Harry’ and ‘The Man Who Hated’

22 Apr

Lunch With Harry

“As someone who absolutely loves short stories, I tend to be a bit critical of the work one puts into them. One often finds them rushed, wit half a heart poured into its soul. I strongly feel that the same characteristics are expected – and required – of a book as would be the case with a full-length novel.They have to be as gripping, the characters as well-thought out, the plot as planned and unlike in novels – it requires an extra-sweet je ne sais quoi to keep your attention.

Lunch with Harry surpasses that. The reading goes by quickly as the characters take you on a mini journey that makes you smile, laugh, frown and cry out all at once! Would highly recommend – especially now during springtime!

Absolutely recommended!”

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The Man Who Hated

“Drury’s most recent venture centers around Milton Grant, a former police officer faced with a disastrous fate forced to face his hateful feelings in the most unexpected, vicious ways one can imagine.

Though entirely cold-blooded and evidently evil, it is difficult to not become completely enthralled by the protagonist and his gruesome mission towards his very personal journey of correction, ridding humanity of its mistakes. One does not agree with Grant’s doing – yet there is a certain fascination with what he will do next, how his next step will affect his emotional state and ultimately, what the consequences of his actions will be.

Drury’s 65-pager proves an emotional roller coaster as he depicts a darker side of humanity – one that many of us would claim they do not possess but evidently and courageously put on display in The Man Who Hates. The story toys with one’s emotions as it uncovers feelings of disgust, hatred and complete incomprehension of the character’s doing.

Without wanting to give away too much, this is not your typical short story. Far be it for Drury to repeat himself and I can’t say I’m surprised that the author’s newest creation captures you entirely off guard”.

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