‘Daily Mail’ focuses on NHS pressures with obesity

20 Jul

In the week that Tony Drury issued his report on ‘The Obesity Crisis’ the ‘Daily Mail’ carried a headline: ‘NHS treatments for obesity are up by a quarter’. In 2019 there were 876,000 hospital admissions linked to obesity. 700 children required hospital treatment because of weight-related illnesses.

The proposals in the report, ‘The Obesity Crisis’ are attracting immediate attention. Several responders are objecting to what they see as ‘bribes.’ A senior University professor has praised the booklet but is arguing that hunger pains are also caused by psychological pressures.

The media continues to carry obesity related articles. The ‘Daily Mail’ has reported that Cadbury are reducing the size of their chocolate bars ‘for obesity’ reasons, but are not reducing their prices.

Several business associates have criticised the proposal for being too bland and not stressing the possible savings for the NHS as individuals’ health improves.

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