Costa Novel Awards 2013

19 Aug


Tony’s publishers City Fiction are pleased to announce that his latest novel ‘Cholesterol’ has been entered into the Costa Novel Awards 2013.

Shortlisting will take place in November 2013 and winners will be notified early 2014.

Adrian Dexter is a corporate financier struggling through the turbulence of recession in 2012.
Far away from the City of London, the love of his life waits for him in Johannesburg – as does his mortal enemy and notorious South African fraudster, Nigel de Groute.
When Adrian meets the beautiful Helen Greenwood and they embark on a passionate affair, he begins to feel young again. But his new found happiness is about to be rudely interrupted. A business merger, an unexpected pregnancy,a kidnapping, a royal ambush – suddenly Adrian’s
life is spiralling out of control. Can he get a grip before it is too late? Can DI Sarah Rudd continue to triumph in her fight against evil and corruption?
And don’t forget about those nasty fatty deposits lurking beneath the surface…

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