City Fiction Limited Progress Report: 18th March 2014

18 Mar

We are pleased to provide an up-date on the Company’s activities:

‘The Lady Who Turned’
Our Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Williams, has delivered final copy ahead of schedule and it will be signed off at the weekend. Planning is already underway for the launch on 16 July 2014.

‘Megan’s Game’
Stephen Davis’s script is now finished and he and the Director, Suri Krishnamma, are recording voice-overs this week for the promotional DVD. It is then hoped to complete the fund-raising of £2 million so pre-production can begin.

‘A Flash of Lightning’
Rob Green has delivered the first draft of the screenplay. It is being reviewed by Producer Shirani Le Mercier.

‘Joanna’s Choice’
Tony has written a second short story, the proceeds of which will go to his charity HEART UK. It will be reviewed by Cathy of City Fiction and Charlotte of HEART UK at a meeting later this week.

Our Sales Director, Dave Lyons, has finalised the strategy for the books in ebook form and has set the stage for future promotional activity. The books are now positioned to maximise sales in the ebook market. We are now in a dynamic review situation whereby we will watch market reaction and re-plan accordingly.

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