“I have just finished reading 50 Shades of Grey and I must say it isn’t a patch on Megan’s Game, there are similarities, successful businessman meets beautiful girl etc, lavishes her with gifts etc etc.

However your book is so much better written, with a much better storyline and you want to get to the end of the book to hopefully have a satisfactory ending. I won’t give too much away. It is a good holiday read, a bit too much detail of the financial aspect but it does explain everything well. A little bit of sex. There is far too much in the 50 Shades book with very little storyline.

Your descriptions of the Welsh scenery are fantastic and I hope one day I can visit the area.

Well done you, I hope you do really well. It would make a good film. I look forward to your next book.”
Lizzie L.

“Drury’s first outing displays the confidence of a seasoned pro, and his City is full of the truisms MoneyMaker Magazine readers will know too well. A page-turner from the outset, Drury has created a kind of crime/romance/finance exposé, that is a must-read for City types who have dared to dream.”
MoneyMaker Magazine

“Megan is struggling to accept the death of her soldier husband, Rhys and is taking refuge in drink. David is struggling with the lack of morality he sees in his job in finance. He is particularly concerned with the activities of Martin Van Dijl whose activities seem to sail very close to the wind.

Megan and David meet at a tennis tournament in Aberdovey where Megan lives and David has a holiday home. Immediately they realise there is something important between them. Can their totally different lifestyles possibly be compatible? When Martin Van Dijl is murdered, David is arrested – can their love survive?

This is a well written novel which gives an insight into the world of city financiers and the way they operate. This is contrasted with the slower pace of life beside the sea in Wales. The book is part crime novel, part romance and the more enjoyable because of the mixture of genres. I found the last third of the book compulsive reading and read it at a sitting. I had to know who had committed the murder and why.

I thought the characters were well drawn. Megan with her struggles to deal with her loss and the changes to her life and David with his strong sense of right and wrong and his impulsive reactions to injustice. I also liked the police – especially Sarah Rudd the Detective Sergeant and thought her character was very well realised. This is an excellent debut novel and I shall be looking forward to Tony Drury’s next book.”
Jill W.

“This is a good solid first novel. Its easy to read and keeps you turning the pages. The locations are well described and accurate and the plot flows along nicely. The information about the workings of the City is interesting too and clearly written by someone who knows what they are talking about. I enjoyed the characters and found the book easy and pleasurable to read. An ideal holiday read.”
Amazon reviewer

“I’m not usually a fan of thrillers, as I generally find it hard to identify with, or care for, any of the characters but something about the way Tony Drury writes really brought the characters to life, particularly the protagonists, David and Megan and David’s two sons. This is part of what made it a real page turner, as I really wanted to find out what happened to them all in the end.

In addition to the pace of the book, which kept me reading well after ‘lights out’, it’s topical and up-to-the-minute with some real insight into the world of banking – not as boring as it sounds – and with a pleasant surprise that, if the author is right, bankers are human too (perhaps with the exception of a couple of the characters)! I thoroughly enjoyed and am sure that, like me, once you start reading you’ll be reluctant to put it down.”
Sophie A.

“I really enjoyed this first novel from Tony Drury. It quickly moves from the world of rich city investment brokers to murder mystery and romance set in Wales. It leaves the reader with a reason to visit Aberdovey and learn more of the legend of The Bells of Aberdovey.
I look forward to his next novel.”
Judy C.

“Although Megan’s Game is not my usual ‘type’ of book, I did enjoy reading it. Personally, I liked your consistent use of description throughout. I also liked how you introduced new characters, who linked into one another as the book progressed.

I can clearly tell that you have great knowledge on finance, Wales and tennis. This, for me, is something that really stands out within the book. However, finance jargon tends to go straight over my head, so I did get a little lost in parts of the book.

I liked the way in which you wrote Martin’s murder. You didn’t give too much away or make it too over the top. It was because of this that I had the enormous curiosity of ‘who done it’.”
Sarah C