Currently I have two main blogs located on the Enterprise Britain website. There are hundreds of posts to choose from.

Tony on Politics and Business

Throughout my working life I have been active both in politics and business. During that time I have survived many governments and seen the impacts of their decisions on the world of entrepreneurs. My blogs are built on that experience and reflect my thoughts on what the decisions of today’s governement mean to those of use still trying to encourage business, with a healthy dosis of cynisme, respect and hopefully some humour.

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Mr. Angry

Mr. Angry is my alter ego. Strongly supported by Mrs Angry he lets loose on the stupidity of minor and major decisions made by our politicians. Mr Angry was born out of a pothole and his first blog ranted about the increasing number of these car destroying traps. He has not stood still and developed his own style giving vent to his frustrations on a weekly basis.

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I also blog regularly for The Freedom Association