‘The Obesity Crisis’

Tony Drury has today issued a booklet titled ‘The Obesity Crisis: An Introduction to ‘The Healthy Future Programme’.

One in four Britons are obese and may be harming their future health and lifestyle. A percentage of overweight and obese children have obese parents.

The cause of obesity is usually overeating. The body stores the excess calories as fat which wraps itself round the pancreas and other vital organs. Obese individuals with Type 2 diabetes are especially at risk.

The solution is to eat less food than the body needs for its energy. Resisting hunger pains is one of the most difficult challenges that the human being can face. There are many innovative solutions from weight watcher clubs, gyms, the scores of dietary books, medication and bariatric surgery. They will work for some but not for the many.

Tony has spent two years researching the matter and has devised a financial incentives programme. The patient and GP agree a target weight and, as the weight is lost, the individual receives financial incentives based on £100 per pound lost and rewards as targets are met.

The programme is fully explained in his booklet which can be downloaded without charge – download now.

Tony is the author of five DCI Sarah Rudd City thrillers. In each, he draws upon his career as a London financier to expose the underworld of dark practices and shadowy characters. None, however, are able to withstand the bravery and incisive detection methods of one of the police force’s bravest officers. Her juggling of career demands, husband, children and her own demons, make riveting reading.

He has now written two more novels which trace the early career of probationary police constable Sarah Whitson. In ‘On Scene and Dealing’ she meets her future husband Nick. In ‘Journey to the Crown’ she has a devastating affair with Dr Martin Redding. The final chapter jumps ahead to sample her future life as a private detective.
Tony has created an innovative series as a novella writer. Reflecting iconic cinema classics, his first is ‘Lunch with Harry’, which is inspired by ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Others to follow include ‘Twelve Troubled Jurors’ (echoing ‘12 Angry Men’) and ‘Forever on Thursdays’ (capturing the drama of ‘Brief Encounter’).

He writes short-stories wherein the net proceeds go to HEART UK – The Cholesterol Charity. He is an ambassador for the charity.

Aged seventy, Tony is a follower of the wisdom of Albert Einstein: “When a man stops learning, he starts dying.” He lives in Bedford with his wife Judy. They value every trip down the M1 to Watford to be with Grandson Henry.

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